Soft Washing soffits and facade

About our pressure washing services

Extreme Exterior Cleaning, LLC is a full-service power washing company in Tallahassee,Florida. We specialize in soft washing homes and offices to give your building back that "like new" look. By using proven soft-wash techniques, our power wash technicians safely remove dirt, grime, algae, and the micro organiams living and feeding off your roof and the exterior of your home or office. In using a soft wash approach to exterior cleaning we avoid the dangers that high pressure presents to wood, paint, and shingles.

Our pressure washing expertise is evident in our results. When using high pressure to clean driveways, walkways, & porches the right equipment used the right way matters. Misapplied, high pressure tears up concrete, not only potentially gashing it, but removing the fine top layer exposing the pebbles and stone deeper in the concrete. Improperly pressure washing surfaces leaves streaks and "start & stop" marks. Our expertise in using high pressure washing methods avoids these pitfalls leaving customers highly satisfied with our results.

In addition to house washing and pressure washing services we also clean and test gutters, seal and refinish decks, patios, and garage floors.

We take care to keep delicate plants and landscaping safe. We know you take pride in your home and we take the same pride in the complete final results of our services. We know that dead azaleas and streaked windows result in dissatisfaction. A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals and we would like the opportunity earn and keep your business.


We cover your landscaping to protect it