Pressure washing and staining decks in Tallahassee, FL

Professional Deck Restoration

Professional Deck Restoration by Extreme Exterior Cleaning

Most old and mildew covered decks suffer from years of neglect. The north Florida sun can be brutal to wood, and left untreated the sun will damage it in a few short years. Sun damaged wood is more susceptible to mold and fungus growth, water intrusion and rotting. Split boards, splintered and raised grain, and pulled nails are hazardous and not only make your deck unenjoyable, but practically unuseable.

Let us take a look at it. Most of the time the support and foundation of a deck are solid, negating the need for a complete tear-down. The majority of the time not a single board needs to be replaced. We will professionally clean your deck, remove algae, moss, mold, and fungus feeding on the wood. Then we will inspect each board and banister for safety and integrity, addressing any issues that might be found. We sand will sand down raised grain and apply a deck brightening solution. We will seal and stain your deck to protect it (and you) and enable you to enjoy your deck again. We even remove tough 100% solid acrylic stains.

Most decks can be restored for a fraction of the cost of building a new one.

Occasionally we run into decks that were built by a home's previous owner. They are poorly constructed and falling apart. Thankfully, we also repair and upgrade decks that have fallen into disrepair and have become hazardous. If your deck is not up to code we can fix the deficiencies. If it has become hazardous due to rot, improper foundation, or shoddy construction, we can turn things around and restore your deck to your satisfaction.