Expertly soft washing roofs in Tallahassee, FL

Professional Roof Soft Washing

After applying the roof wash and allowing to dwell for a short period of time, we soft washed at less than 500psi and the once black roof stains disappeared.

We remove ugly black roof stains and eliminate the algae that causes them, beautifying your home and adding longevity to the life of your roof. Our cleaning methods and solutions are approved by ARMA, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Those ugly black roof stains are really a living colony of "algae" called Gloeocapsa magma. The "algae" are actually a type of cyanobacteria that thrive in moisture-rich environments, like the north-facing side of your roof or areas under constant shade due to overhanging trees. It is here that the cyanobacteria begin their colony, landing here as spores released from another colony on a neighboring roof. They thrive in the shade and damp environment, literally eating your roof's shingles. As the colony grows, gravity pulls them downward, resulting in the ugly smear-like stain down your roof.

This cyanobacteria causes substantial destruction to your roof causing shingle decay and loss of reflective power. Over time, Gloeocapsa magma breaks down the shingles by feeding off of the limestone granules embedded in the shingles. This decreases a roof's ability to reflect ultra-violet rays of light and shortens the life of the roof. Shingle quality diminishes faster than necessary, corners begin to curl and raised humps form on the surface. Ultimately, the result is broken shingles and inefficient roofing. The home owner always pays the price for improperly maintaining the home. In this case, the price is paid in higher air conditioning bills and more frequent roof repair and replacement. The most effective way to fight shorter roof life is to have your roof washed annually.

Beware of companies that want to use a pressure washer on your roof, or only want to bleach the stains away. Used incorrectly, a pressure washer will blow away the asphalt granules the algae are growing on, effectively stripping your roof of shingle material. A pressure washer can blow whole shingles completely off your roof. Using bleach alone will not solve the problem either. A mild bleach mixture, safe enough for your roof, will bleach the algae stains away, only to return several months later, in the exact same area, often stronger and meaner than before. A bleach concentration strong enough to burn off all the algae can be harmful to the composition of your roof.

We use safe, soft wash methods to wash away the algae and the stains they cause with a solution of sodium hypochlorite, detergent, and algaecide specifically formulated to kill and remove Gloeocapsa magma while protecting your roofing materials. Call us today for a free estimate.

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