Soft Washing soffits and facade

Soft Washing Services

At Extreme Exterior Cleaning we offer expert soft washing services to the Tallahassee area. Our soft wash system can effectively clean most any surface using very little pressure. We pump up to 11 gallons per minute of water at 200psi, allowing us to wash even the most delicate of siding. With our equipment we can precisely control the amount of cleaning solution used, only increasing it on extremely dirty areas. This not only limits exposure to the surfaces being washed, but eliminates waste which results in lower prices.

After effectively applying the cleaning solution, we rinse, rinse, and rinse again. No solution is left to dry on any surface. Special care is taken around doors, windows, and any glass surface. Plants are always protected.

Our soft wash techniques are especially effective when needing to clean around old rotting window frames, where wood rot is present, painted surfaces, or any surface where high pressure poses a risk.

Call us today and have one of our experts explain what we can do for you.

soft washing houses gives great results